Jan 5
Home improvements that will not add to the value of your home

LaderaRanch-RemodellingIf you plan on moving in two to three years, think twice about investing money in home improvement projects that won’t increase the resale value of your home. In such a case, stay away from the following home improvements:

1. Gourmet Kitchen with high-end Accessories
Costly kitchen additions don’t pay off when you list your home for sale. In general, too much customization in a home turns buyers away.

2. Whirlpool Baths
Potential buyers will not pay extra for a newly installed whirlpool bath. In addition, the cost for installing a whirlpool tub can be prohibitive and raise energy bills.

3. Home Office Remodeling
The average home office renovation costs around $28,000, and you will receive about a 46% return on your investment for this pricey remodel.

4. Garage Additions
Homeowners who build a garage typically only see a 62% return on investment that costs tens of thousands of dollars. Not a good idea if you plan to sell soon.

5. Expensive Landscaping
Creating an over-the-top backyard paradise won’t  add to your asking price. So, if you plan to sell your home in the next few years, you won’t recoup the cost of expensive landscaping in the sale.