Aug 25
Does Buying in a Good School District like Ladera Ranch Matter?

Whether or not you have kids, living in a good school district can be a big deal. It’s not only about better teachers, better books, and better test scores. It’s also about preserving home values and ensuring faster resale rates. So the quality of school districts should play a critical role in your home-buying decision.

Ladera Ranch is a community with excellent public and private schools. As a matter of fact, our Ladera Ranch schools are among the very best in California.

Parents hoping to both land a good home deal and give their kids a high-quality education have several costs to weigh. Pricier homes in a strong public school district like Ladera Ranch may actually be better bargains than affordable homes in private-school heavy districts.

Of course, many buyers already name school districts among the key factors in their home-buying decision. Among adults who live with children, nearly two thirds (63%) said a neighborhood’s school district would be among the most important considerations (aside from the home’s price) when searching for a home.

But just because a neighborhood has a poorly ranked public school district doesn’t mean that the overall quality of education there is poor. In such areas, parents are more willing to pay for private schooling in the name of a good education. However, private education needs to be factored into the cost of living in such an area, which runs well into the thousands per year.

Even for buyers without children, investing in a home in a good quality school district can also pay off with consistently higher resale values, as homes there tend to sell faster, and during tougher economic times, home prices are more stable in better school districts.

On the downside, these homes tend to be more expensive. Buyers here will be paying higher property taxes, and much of that money will be allotted right back the schools. For childless buyers, that’s no tax bargain.

But in general, buying in a good school district does matter, with more stability in home prices and more savings from costly private school education. So you can be assured that your Ladera Ranch estate will not only provide you a beautiful home, but one that will provide all the benefits from our excellent Ladera schools.